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Diet Pills Facts

Posted by Admin

Choosing a diet pill requires understanding in order to know exactly what users are getting. Many diet pills work in different ways are available as either Prescription or Non-Prescription diet pills.

Non-Prescription Diet Pills

Diet pills that are non-prescription usually contain active ingredient such as caffeine. Caffeine increases basal metabolism and provides extra energy during workouts making it effective for weight loss. These diet pills also used to contain ephedrine that has direct effect on metabolism and heart rate, but was banned by FDA for unfavorable effects that can cause sudden death. Most non-prescription diet pills also used green tee that is known to have favorable effect to slow production of fats. Other ingredients of these pills have herbal ephedra from hoodia plant and chitosan from shellfish that is known as fat blocker.

Prescription Diet Pills

The prescription diet pills are usually considered more effective because it requires some medical supervision in using. Several types of this pill provide different ways in dealing with weight loss. The best known prescription diet pill is phentermine, this pill works effectively by mimicking the brain’s neurotransmitters. It is considered the safest diet pill and it does not have any side effect. Other prescriptive diet pills that work like phentermine are Meridia and Tenuate. Experts advised to choose the best pill that will provide the best result concerning individual weight loss concern. Another known mechanism of this type of pill is the fat blocking mechanism. One of the best examples is Xenical; it works by blocking fat digesting enzymes from digesting fat in order not to be absorbed by the body.

Types Of Diet Pills

The types of diet pills fall into three major categories namely fat burners, fat binders, and appetite suppressants.

•   Fat Burners

Fat burners causes increase in the basal metabolic rate in order to add the amount of calories burnt even while at rest. The common ingredients of fat burners are stimulants such as caffeine, aspirin, and ephedrine. The FDA banned the use of ephedrine that resulted to getting other ingredients such as well-known green tea.

•   Fat Binders

Fat binders bind fat and prevent its chances of being digested in the body. They are also termed as fat magnet. Taking fat binder diet pills lessen calories and fat found in meals in being digested and eventually absorbed by the body. Users are advised to be responsible in choosing their fat binder diet pills because some of them are found to cause side effects.

•   Appetite Suppressor

Since eating too much is the major cause of weight gain, reducing the desire for food is the most logical way to control it. Appetite suppressor works on the hypothalamus, the brain area responsible for appetite control, by suggesting a feeling of being full. The most common appetite suppressor is HoodiaGodoni.

A process called Thermogenesis is the instance when the body increases its temperature or its energy output. When the central temperature of the human body increases, it stimulates metabolism. This metabolism stimulation will require the body to utilize stored fat in order to provide additional energy output. This process is triggered by exercise, supplements and nutrition.  




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