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Alli Reviews

Posted by Admin

About Alli

Alli is the first drug for weight loss that is available over the counter and can be bought without prescription. The Food and Drugs Administration in the US endorses Alli as an anti-obesity drug. Alli diet pill is a reduced strength edition of Xenical (well-known prescriptive weight loss drug). This drug is the answers to people that are searching for ways to control weight. The Alli pill do not only provides physical help, but also is essential in bringing back the self-esteem of a person.

GlaxoSmithKline is the company responsible for the release of Alli drug after acquiring the US rights from Roche (company that originally formulates Xenical). The company expects Alli to become a wonder drug, and they have huge marketing campaign for the product. The problem of overweight and obesity is a personal issue, and it is beneficial for the people that they have the opportunity to buy the pills just overt the counter.

The Alli drug provides substantial contribution to help people in their weight loss problems. Basing on several trials made, its performance is more than what is expected.

How Does It Works?

Alli is a form of anti-obesity drug that is available even without prescription. It is a potential help for quick weight loss, and will be more effective when taken along with a certain weight loss programs. With the favorable ruling of the American FDA, Alli drug is available to public through numbers of different outlets. Although the pill is a reduced dosage of Orlistat, it is crucial for users to follow the recommended measurement of intake. Being sold as 60mg capsule, the advised dosage is three times a day along with meals having fat content.

Alli has a substantial result on weight loss, and it is almost immediate. Trials prove a considerable weight loss over the common diets because of the instant reduction of about thirty-percent in the fatty food element intake into the body. Through the reduction of the initial intake, the body requires to get more energy coming from the readily available fat content of the body. As a result, there is an immediate reduction of fats without changing from exercise program or dietary regimes.  

Users can expect substantial result over their concern on weight loss almost immediately. Trials on the drug showed notable changes far and above the expectations.

Is Alli Safe?

Alli being considered as a drug provides a good physical impact on successful treatment. Using this pill is taking different stand from the common drug approach to weight loss by maximizing the body’s ability in digesting huge amount of fatty food. Furthermore, the direct control of enzyme production in the intestine makes it possible to allow a person to continue with the same diet program he has and lose weight at the same time. It offers success in treating weight loss concerns quickly.  

The slight uncomfortable side effects of Alli when taken along with high fat diet are increase in flatulence as well as rectal discharge. This is due to the pill’s action in reducing the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body.