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Green Coffee Bean MAX Reviews

Posted by Admin

About Green Coffee

This is a 100 % natural product that provides a healthy way to keep weight under control. Normally, the processing of the green coffee beans involves roasting at a temperature of 475 Fahrenheit, causing losses of about 90 % from the Chlorogenic Acid, one of their most important compounds, well known for its fat-burning and anti-oxidant effects.

An innovative process, based on years of research, ensures the extraction of natural substances from fresh green coffee beans to keep their natural capabilities. They are mixed with other natural ingredients in order to guarantee weight loss without any side effects at all.


This product offers you a fast and handy solution for keeping your weight under control and for maintaining your health as well. It passed all clinical tests and underwent various trials. Known for its beneficial results, it is being used on a regular basis by many A-list celebrities.

How Does It Work?

Green Coffee Bean MAX is a mixture of natural compounds, such as the anti-oxidant green beans extract, Chlorogenic Acid, Polyphenols and Caffeine, but it contains no additives or preservatives. Here is a brief presentation of each ingredient and of the purpose it serves in this weight loss blend:  

•   Chlorogenic Acid - Present in a proportion of 50 % in the product's formula, it is a natural phyto-chemical found in many plants, but very concentrated in the green coffee beans. Medical research shows that it helps people to lose weight, by inhibiting the release of glucose in the blood.

•   Polyphenols - They are a class of natural ingredients, known for their metabolic, therapeutic and toxic properties.

•   Caffeine, present in a small concentration, increases fat oxidation, adding energy, vitality and concentration power. It is known as the oldest natural stimulant used by man.

Green Coffee Bean Max is based on a patented formula, guaranteeing maximum efficiency within a short period of time. It accelerates the metabolism, expediting the burning of calories and preventing fat buildups. When accompanied by an active daily routine and exercise programs, it pays even faster and greater results.

Visit Green Coffee Bean MAX Official Site

Is Green Coffee Bean MAX Safe?

Green Coffee Bean MAX weight loss supplement is the latest breakthrough when it comes to losing weight without major lifestyle or diet sacrifices. Its safe formula, clinically tested and supported by various studies, is 100 % natural, including no chemical or harmful ingredients.

The latest studies involved a group of 16 overweight men and women, aged from 22 to 46 years, placed under observation for a period of 22 weeks. They were continuously and strictly monitored from the point of view of their diets, daily activities and exercise routines.

The subjects consumed around 2,400 calories a day, having a calorie spending of 400 calories. At the end of the study, the conclusion was unanimously in favor of the product's efficiency, considering that the subjects lost around 17.5 pounds in 22 weeks, reducing their body weight with 10.5 %.

Therefore, effective weight control in a healthy and natural way is now a sure thing. Containing no additives, preservatives or any other chemicals, just 100% natural and safe ingredients, Green Coffee Bean Max is the most efficient weight loss supplement currently available on the market.