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Fat And Obesity

Posted by Admin

Obesity and fat are related in the sense that obesity is a state of health whereby excess fat in the human body is built up to a level that is detrimental to the life of the individual. Good fats are needed by the body to promote energy and strength, but excessive level of bad fats may cause numerous diseases and early death.

Doctors and other health personnel measure if a person is obese or not with the use of BMI (Body Mass Index). This index compares the measurement of a person’s weight and height. A BMI of between twenty five and thirty kilos per m2 is considered pre-obese, while a BMI above thirty kilos m2 is considered obese.

Each individual has different responses to dietary fats. Therefore, obesity cannot merely be measured by the amount of fats that a person eats. For example, there are people who consume a high fat diet, but do not become obese. To determine if a person is obese, one of the best measurements is the BMI.


Causes of Obesity

The best way to avoid or prevent obesity is to know the different causes and contributing factors that include:

•   Unhealthy eating habits and wrong choices of food. Eating at fast foods and skipping breakfast are not good eating habits. Choosing high-calorie food, beverage, and oversized portions instead of high protein and vitamin rich foods will lead to obesity. The worst habit is eating high-calorie foods at nigh before retiring to bed.

•   Maintaining a sedentary lifestyle without any activity or exercise will promote weight gain as the body is not burning the calorie intakes. People who are energetic and engage in sports are not likely to become obese.

•   Women who gained excess weight during pregnancy and were not able to go back to their original weight are candidates for obesity.

•   Some medicines for treating, diabetes, antidepressants, anti-psychotic medicines, beta blockers, steroids, and anti-seizure medicines may cause unwanted weight gain if not properly manage through activity and diet.

•   Lack of sleep causes hormonal changes that promote appetite. The more a person does not sleep the craving for food high in carbohydrates and calories will be more intense. This situation will lead to obesity.

•   People with medical problems that cause them to be inactive may result to obesity.

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Common Obesity Health Problem

Being obese may lead to numerous health problems. Some may be not serious, but most is life-threatening. The common obesity health problems include:

•   Type 2 Diabetes

•   High Cholesterol and Triglycerides

•   High blood pressure

•   Heart Disease

•   Metabolic Syndrome

•   Stroke

•   Sleep Apnea

•   Cancer of the uterus, ovaries, cervix, breast, rectum, prostate, and colon

•   Depression

•   Osteoarthritis

•   Gallbladder Disease

•   Skin Problems

•   Gynecologic Problems, such as irregular periods and infertility

Even the quality of life of an obese is at stake. Obese people are not able to function and do the things they enjoy normally. Possible discrimination from family and other people may lead to shame, disability, social isolation, sexual problems, and eventually depression.

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